The Lizapp really does simplify the realization, deployment, usage and management of mobile applications.

Fast emerging technological innovation, combined with changing consumer needs, made the ‘Mobile Life in 2016’ develop at a tremendous pace. Nowadays the attractive, simple and effective consumer apps, make us desire and picture mobile solutions for all our digital daily tasks. Maybe even more important, they demand it. This means a changing workspace and culture as well.

These are highly challenging changes in the current enterprise environment, in particular for management and internal IT organizations. End users, SMEs and functional experts see numerous opportunities for moblitiy, but management and IT organizations are overwhelmed with the complex decisions around architecture, security, manageablitity and contraints of different offers on mobile solutions. SUPERP now offers a solution that is based on their thorough experience within the SAP practice, mobility, deep industrial expertise, customer relationships and the experience from maintenance and support, called Lizapp

Why speed up the development and deployment of mobile applications?
What about NO custom development and instant deployment?

This is Lizapp!


Download the Lizapp now on your own device and uncover the endless possibilities with this killer-application yourself!

But how simple is it really?

See the Lizapp in action:

Let us introduce

Why do we believe in the Lizapp?


"Fact or fiction?! A team within your own organization that is able to create a mobile app within 5 minutes and enroll this app to a group of end users. A seamless connection to the existing SAP authorization concepts. Creating Apps without any form of coding, just by drag-and-drop.

Additional functions can be added directly if they are required, without additional development. The Lizapp is the answer to the increasing demand of modern SAP users to have their processes enabled on mobile devices. Seeing is believing! "

Ronald Groennou - LinkedIn



“Why hasn’t such a solution been available up to now? Has the world been sleeping? The back-end logic and datamodel is leading for the front-end. The convenience with which you can implement the traditional functions from a back-end gives the Lizapp endless opportunities! And the way I can configure an application without writing code is great! "

Toine Pothuizen - LinkedIn



“A technology-driven app that provides the user with maximum user experience. That’s the Lizapp. The visualization of the "technique" gives the user the ability to create and / or modify an app in just a few seconds.

The app is seamlessly integrated with SAP mobile solutions which increases its applicability. Through this integration, the current authentication standards such as SAML2 / OAuth2 are applicable. It is crucial that your data is well protected on the network. ”

Robbert Oskam - LinkedIn



In addition to the broad applicability of the Lizapp, I get really excited when I talk with our customers about mobility and the various challenges that IT organizations face in architecture, security and manageability. With the Lizapp the complete dependence on external suppliers, the lead-time of costly projects or change trajectories are things of the past! Lizapp allows you, as an IT organization to serve your end customer really well on the flexible deployment of mobile applications. “Create the WOW-effect!"

Daan Balijon - LinkedIn

Project manager